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How are tours priced ?
The services of each private guide is calculated using a 'per person' rather than a 'flat rate' charge. So the prices you see are FLAT RATE, not per person.The guides all set their own pricing; Ukaribu Tours does not.Any costs that are not included in the total price will be listed under the "What's Extra" section of the tour description.
How do I book a tour?
It's easy!Just follow these steps!STEP 1: Go to Ukaributours.comSTEP 2: In the "Where are you going" box, type in your destination.STEP 3: You'll be taken to a page with many tour option. Here you can refine your search, or Click on any tour for all the details.Does the tour meet your needs exactly as described?YES - Click on BOOK NOW and follow the instructions. You will need your credit card to complete the purchase. You can also send a message to the guide before or after the tour with any questions or special requests.Need help?Customer support can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via:EMAIL: contact@ukaributours.comCallers within North America dial: 1.800.501.8266 Ext:700Thank you for considering Ukaribu Tours. We wish you Happy Travels!
My booking confirmation needs to be corrected. What should I do?
Our Customer Support team is happy to help! Please send us an email or give us a call!EMAIL: contact@ukaributours.comPHONE: Callers within North America dial: 1.800.501.8266 Ext:700----In most cases, we can edit the booking confirmation without seeking prior approval from the guide; however, if the correction involves the pricing and/or the number of people in the party, we will probably need to get the guide's permission BEFORE we can make the correction.After all, they are the ones arranging and delivering your special private tour! So we want to be 100% sure that your needs will be met!Thank you for choosing Ukaribu Tours and Happy Travels!
Once my tour is confirmed, how do I contact the guide?
You can email the guide by either:1.) Replying to an earlier message from the guide.2.) Click on the button labelled 'MESSAGE GUIDE' on the guide's profile or tour page.3.) Log into your Ukaribu Tours account, click on MESSAGES, new message, select the guide's name from the drop-down menu, compose message, send message.


How does Ukaribu Tours work?
We help people travel better by connecting curious travelers with exceptional Canadian local guides.Our talented guide recruitment specialists recruit and select the very best guides around the world for partnerships with Ukaribu Tours. Only after successfully meeting our criteria and reference checks are they allowed to post their tours and profiles on our site.We attract curious and enthusiastic travelers to Ukaributours.com, where they can initiate email contact with our guides, as well as book and pay for private tours around the world.By partnering with PayPal, Ukaribu Tours is able to process credit card payments safely and securely. To ensure our traveler's complete satisfaction, we hold the payment in trust until the successful completion of the tour. Only then do we release the payment to the guide.We ask our travellers to leave public reviews after every tour they take; reading them is a great way to help you pick the guide that's right for you.For more information about us, please contact one of our friendly Customer Experience Specialists at:1.800.501.8266 Ext:700 (toll-free within North America only).Thanks for considering Ukaribu Tours for your private tour needs! Happy Travels!
Do I need to tip my guide?
No. You do not need to tip your guide.All of the guide-partners are entrepreneurs; therefore, they are responsible for setting an appropriate price that adequately compensates not only themselves, but their partners as well (i.e. drivers).All of our guide-partners are aware of this policy.Ukaribu Tours is committed to changing the relationship between the traveler and the tour provider and we believe that you do not need to tip professionals.
The guide hasn't replied to my inquiry. What should I do?
If it's been more than 48-hours since you had sent your email, contact Customer Support.Be sure to include the following in your message to Customer Support:- email address that was used to send the inquiry to the guide - name of the guide - a brief outline of the answers that you are seekingAnswers to questions regarding the tour (i.e. pricing, transportation, etc.) must come from the guide.Customer Support will assist in facilitating prompt email contact between yourself and the guide; however, to set proper expectations, it should be noted that during the peak travel seasons, response times from our guide-partners will be dependent on volume of inquiries and bookings. The majority of our guide-partners conduct their administrative duties during their off-hours in order to deliver the very best tour experience possible.We ask you for your patience and understanding during these challenging times.For billing inquiries, complaints and/or compliments, please contact Customer Support.
Once my tour is confirmed, how do I contact the guide?
You can email the guide by either:1.) Replying to an earlier message from the guide.2.) Click on the button labelled 'MESSAGE GUIDE' on the guide's profile or tour page.3.) Log into your Ukaribu Tours account, click on MESSAGES, new message, select the guide's name from the drop-down menu, compose message, send message.


What kind of payment options do you offer?
We accept the following credit cards:VISAMasterCardAmerican ExpressDiscover CardFor our institutional clients, we offer payment via:Wire transferCheque/CheckPlease contact Customer Support if you need to pay via wire transfer or cheque/check:Email: contact@ukaributours.com Phone: 1.800.501.8266 Ext:700 (Toll-free within North America only)
How do I get a refund?
You may be eligible to receive a full or partial refund depending upon:• the reason for your cancellation • the number of days prior to the start of the tour your cancellation request is received by Customer Support • the amount of non-refundable upfront costs that the guide-partner incurred as a result of preparing for your tour • the cancellation policy option you chose at the time of bookingTo view our cancellation policy, please click here >>> cancellation policy.To request a refund, please contact Customer Support:EMAIL: contact@ukaributours.comPHONE: +1 800.501.8266 Ext:700 (toll-free within North America only).
What is your cancellation policy?
Click on this link >>> cancellation policyIf you need to cancel, please contact Customer Support:EMAIL: contact@ukaributours.comPHONE: +1 800.501.8266 Ext:700 (toll-free within North America only)
Can I pay the guide in cash on the day of the tour?
Unless it's for admission fees and/or incidental costs such as meals, the option to pay for the tour in cash is not available.The guide-partner's services along with the cost of transportation (if applicable) must be pre-paid in full through Ukaributours.com.


What can I do to ensure a safe and secure experience while on-tour?
spacer Since all travel involves an element of risk, Ukaributours.com strongly encourages its travellers to purchase adequate medical and/or travel insurance prior to their tour date.To view our Terms and Conditions, click here
What should I do if I feel unsafe during the tour?
Your safety and security is the paramount concern of both your private guide-partner and Ukaributours.com.If you feel unsafe, communicate your concerns to your guide-partner immediately.You have the right to stop the tour at any time. At your request, your guide-partner will return you to the agreed ending point by the transportation method(s) set out in the tour description.Please report the incident immediately to Customer Support using the 24-hour emergency only traveller hotline number printed on your booking confirmation.Alternatively, you may reach us via:EMAIL: support@ukaributours.comPHONE:Callers within North America dial: 1.800.501.8266 Ext: 700 (Toll-free within North America only)


How are tour guides selected?
Ukaribu Tours has a team of recruiting specialists who scour the country in search of deeply knowledgeable, reliable and engaging tour guides. When a good prospect is found, we encourage them to apply to become a Ukaribu Tours Guide Partner.It is a highly competitive process: we accept roughly 1 in 10 applicants.If the application is accepted, prospective guide-partners are interviewed to assess their language competency and suitability. During the selection process, we also check references from former employers and/or customers. All guides - potential and established partners - undergo regular screening checks through Thomson Reuters World-Check Global Screening service.
What kind of checks do you perform on your tour guides?
Before we establish a partnership with the tour guide, we first conduct the following:- In-depth interview by video, phone and/or in-person. - Thorough reference and background checks. We subscribe to the ThomsonReuters World-Check service and all applicants are screened through their database. Every 6 months, we re-screen all guides.And of course, our travellers perform one of the most important functions: on-going public reviews of our guides' performance. We read every review that comes in, and should there be any suggestion for improvement, no matter how small, we have a conversation with the guide to elevate their level of service.
What is the relationship between Ukaribu Tours and the tour guides?
We're partners in not only our mutual successes but more importantly, yours!We work together to ensure that your private tour experience is a complete success.As independent contractors, our guide-partners provide their expertise, knowledge and unique insights through private tours that they create, price and deliver through Ukaribu Tours.We in turn, provide our guide-partners with effective marketing, safe and secure payment processing, customer support and unlimited sales opportunities through our effective business operations and on-going support.Together, we are committed to changing the relationship between travellers and the local people who deliver travel services around the world.
How are tour guides paid?
Tour guides are paid the 25th of each month for the tours they've given in the previous period. Payment is made electronically or by bank draft.
What should I do if my guide is not at the meeting location?
This is rare. However, if you do not immediately see your guide at the start of your tour, please do the following:STEP 1: Check your booking confirmation.Are you at the correct meeting location? Are you on-time? Did you make alternate arrangements through email with the guide-partner that differs from the information posted on the booking confirmation?STEP 2: If you are at the correct meeting location at the appointed start time, please call the guide on his/her mobile phone (see the booking confirmation for the phone number).STEP 3: If you are still unable to connect with your guide, please call us at the 1.800.501.8266 Ext: 700.

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