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At Ukaribu Tours, our job is to market your tours to travelers searching for guides in your part of the the country. We have a straightforward online booking system that helps you handle traveler requests, and we manage all tour payments so you can spend your time focusing on guiding, rather than administration. Ukaribu Tours customers are travelers who appreciate the flexible nature of a private, customized tour. They want to see new places in the company of a local expert who can offer more personal attention and the type of unique, local experiences that they won’t find with a large group tour. So be creative and offer a tour that reflects your passions and your interests!

Once you are accepted as an Ukaribu Tours tour guide, your obligations are:

To personally deliver the tours you’ve agreed to do in a friendly, professional manner

To respond quickly (within 24 hours) and professionally to customer inquiries and booking requests

To keep your availability and account up to date

In return, Ukaribu Tours provides

Easy admin

We promptly handle all customer payments to you through our credit card processing system. Our sophisticated calendar system lets you control your work availability.


Through our multiple online marketing channels (social, paid advertising and editorial), we make it easy for travelers to find your tours.


Our customer cancellation policy means you are protected in the case of late-notice cancellations or ‘no-show’ customers.


What is the relationship between Ukaribu Tours and the tour guides?

We’re partners in not only our mutual successes but more importantly, yours!

We work together to ensure that your private tour experience is a complete success.

As independent contractors, our guide-partners provide their expertise, knowledge and unique insights through private tours that they create, price and deliver through Ukaribu Tours.

We in turn, provide our guide-partners with effective marketing, safe and secure payment processing, customer support and unlimited sales opportunities through our effective business operations and on-going support.

Together, we are committed to changing the relationship between travellers and the local people who deliver travel services around the world.

 How are tour guides selected?

Ukaribu Tours has a team of recruiting specialists who scour the country in search of deeply knowledgeable, reliable and engaging tour guides. When a good prospect is found, we encourage them to apply to become a Ukaribu Tours Guide Partner.

It is a highly competitive process: we accept roughly 1 in 10 applicants.

If the application is accepted, prospective guide-partners are interviewed to assess their language competency and suitability. During the selection process, we also check references from former employers and/or customers. All guides – potential and established partners – undergo regular screening checks through Thomson Reuters World-Check Global Screening service.

A final interview ensures that the tour guide clearly understands their roles and responsibilities as a Ukaribu Tours guide-partner. Every guide then undergoes an “on-boarding” process, where a dedicated trainer facilitates their introduction to Ukaribu Tours, so you can expect a superior level of customer service from all of our guides.

 How does Ukaribu Tours work?

We help people travel better by connecting curious travelers with exceptional local guides, nationwide.

Our talented guide recruitment specialists recruit and select the very best guides around the world for partnerships with Ukaribu Tours. Only after successfully meeting our criteria and reference checks are they allowed to post their tours and profiles on our site.

We attract curious and enthusiastic travelers to Ukaribu Tours, where they can initiate email contact with our guides, as well as book and pay for private tours around the world.

By partnering with PayPal, ToursByLocals is able to process credit card payments safely and securely. To ensure our traveler’s complete satisfaction, we hold the payment in trust until the successful completion of the tour. Only then do we release the payment to the guide.

We ask our travellers to leave public reviews after every tour they take; reading them is a great way to help you pick the guide that’s right for you.

 How are tour guides paid?

Tour guides are paid each Wednesday for the tours they’ve given in the previous period. Payment is made electronically or by bank draft. (note – our guides do not pay any upfront or ongoing fees to be part of the Ukaribu Tours system).

For some tours, you may be asked to pay for some (or even a majority) of your tour in cash directly to the local guide at the start of the tour.

In some cases, this is necessary for tour guides who live in those countries where banking systems make electronic transfer and/or issuing and cashing of drafts extremely expensive. In other cases, tour guides may have out of pocket costs that they need payment for right away.

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