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Our Story

Already a year ago, Ukaribu started as an e-commerce platform of local handicrafts. Allowing conscious consumers to find Canadian artisan products close to home and order them directly from the craftsman. Ukaribu has since grown a lot and it’s always in the same vein: Making the online economy work for the benefit of the local economy and not to its detriment.

Our mission

Our primary mission is to create a positive and comprehensive synergy between the local economy and the online economy. To do so, Ukaribu Tours proposes to offer local and international tourists a complete platform for both tours and activities and features. Ukaribu Tours is a platform that helps its users to better discover Canada in all its cultural, historical and natural wealth.

Share the beauty of your city

Ukaribu Tours was launched in order to encourage the audience generated through these different platforms to invest our streets and local businesses to strengthen the local economic fabric and thus complete the virtuous circle initiated by the online sales platform. ukaribu.com which aimed to give more room to the local economy online.

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